Wedding in Milan | J&V

June 22, 2022

Wedding in Milan.

The most of my clients come to me  through the “word of mouth”. But in this case the first contact with Vanina and Jacopo came from the website of From the very first email until their wedding day it was a really long way. The feeling of sympathy and empathy came almost immediately from both sides and this is a wonderful thing. This way is easier to communicate “online” and in the virtual world without being able to have the famous “in-person contact” (which, by the way, we have been missing a lot lately).

For me, every wedding is special. Intimate and with a few close friends and relatives or bigger and with many guests. But always remains special. This is also one of the reasons I really like to know the story behind each couple. And here, with these two, this part was really simple. Vanina loves to tell stories, and I really like to listen. She explained everything to me, every tiny detail. All the before, the after and a bit of the future.

There was anxiety, fear, uncertainty, all normal because we are going through a very special pandemic period.

But then came the smiles, the emotion, the happiness.

Both Jacopo and Vanina were stressed cause it was a “do it yourself” wedding. They took care of all the arrangements, flowers and decorations by themselves. And it was all as if it came out of a fairytale. All beautiful and all unique. The flowers? Made of paper. Amazing!

It is always extremely difficult for me to choose just a few images to create a post. But this time I have decided to make my selection from the images they have decided to include on their printed album.

Location also beautiful Oasi di Galbusera Bianca. The weather? Fabulous! Cloudy but not too much, sunny but not too much.

There were absences, important absences. But in fairy tales there are fairies. There is magic. And in fairy tales everyone can be present even if invisible.

Congrats guys!

ps: Look at my work and send me an email if you plan to book your wedding in Milan with me!