Wedding in Bergamo | R+V

June 24, 2021

The rain. Wanted or not, it can happen. It can cause a lot of trouble and a lot of stress. But when it comes to a wedding in such a beautiful and prepared location as the Tenuta Serradesca everything can be solved in the best way. And surprise surprise, after the rain a rainbow can come! The most important thing is to stay calm even if the weather doesn’t want to cooperate.

Many weddings take place outdoors right? But we can’t control a thunderstorm that arrives the same morning. Well let’s find the bright side of weddings on rainy days also!

On this wonderful day, the rain made this wedding even more romantic. The environment more welcoming.

And don’t forget, rain brings good luck!

Are you afraid that the rain will ruin this special day? Think again. Rain can give you a wonderful day actually and a beautiful wedding.

Every love story is unique and every wedding should be so too. It certainly helps a lot to have a fantastic team behind that works with passion and love, to make this day wonderful. Veronica and Roberto, got ready in the same location, in two separate rooms in Tenuta Serradesca . They have chosen a civil ceremony but also a symbolic ritual in the light of candles, in front of a beautiful arch full of flowers. At the end of the day, red smoke bombs and a bubble event from Le Petirossa .

And then when the rain stopped, a unique sunset and a giant rainbow! Amazing right?

Wedding planner: Feelove

Location: Tenuta Serradesca

Trattenimento: Le Petirossa