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Prices & Packages

The best is always to meet in person and define a custom package together. There are some predefined packages but also i can suggest some tailored packages base on your need and your wedding. There are multiple factors that can affect the cost of the shooting. I hope we will find the best solution for you!

High resolution files

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I will deliver about 800-1.000 accurately edited photos ( the number can vary on the type of wedding and in case of custom packages). The photos will be uploaded in a private web gallery (so you can share them with friends and family). All images will be delivered both in low and high resolution.

Do you work alone?

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Having a second photographer is always the best solution and is worth it. A second point of view in unique moments is always appreciated and it will be a support and backup for the first photographer. The second photographer remains an optional so i usually work alone and i can assure you that i will capture all of your candid and special moments.

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