Hello! I’m Danai.

Capturing your moments through my heart & soul. the real you & real me.

Capturing special moments during your big day because your memories are worth remembering and preserving.

Danai Athanasoula

I'm a Milan based portrait and lifestyle wedding photographer with a minimalist approach, and a big love for natural light. My work is an expression of what I am most passionate about: storytelling, simplicity and human interaction.

I discovered wedding photography about 5 years ago, after having worked in the portrait industry for a couple of years. The emotions, the tension and charming beauty of two people celebrating their love, enjoying time with their family and close friends - nothing can beat that.

Like with anything I do, I’ve put much heart, work and energy into photography.

I see my clients as partners, as friends, we collaborate and try to make this experience as meaningful and beautiful as we can, for both of us. I can assure you that from the moment you book me and up to your last image delivered, you have my full undivided attention, energy and care.

Milano Based

Wedding & Couples Photographer

Every soul is beautiful &

every moment is special.

I have a special love for natural light and minimalism. My style is natural and airy.

I love travelling, listening to music, watching films & spending time with my family and friends. I love observing every single detail in my everyday life and i love observing my subjects and capture them in a very natural, honest and uncontrived way. Shooting in natural light always challenges my creativity and requires finding new perspectives, angles and compositions to deliver an emotion or a moment.

matrimonio Milano


The emotions, the tension and the charming beauty of life. Enjoying time with family and close friends, enjoying places & moments.

Sometimes when i'm not working i try not to see everything through my lens but then something happens and there is a voice in my head begging me to grab my camera. And so I do.

my family

I studied architecture in Athens at the National Technical University of Athens and continued with an MSc in interior design at the Politecnico of Milan.

Since the very first year of architecture I started also my first photography courses.

I worked for several years as an architect and in 2013 i started my journey as a professional photographer.

I am grateful for all the knowledge i got through university and every single piece of my life that led me here.

random facts about me


I used to be a professional swimmer and a member of the National Greek swim team for many years. I used to have national records but none of them survived through the years ;)

My husband is Italian and we share the same love for cooking and travelling. Fun fact - we met at a night club. He is the ''engineer'' mind of the family and i am the creative one ;)



I was born and raised in Athens (Greece) and i studied architecture for 5 years. I now live in Milan since 2010 with my lovely family, my husband & our 2 kids.


I 've never lived in the country side and i guess it will be my secret dream. I have no idea if i like it or not as i've never tried it but who knows about the future.